For the Mallia’s

my mum’s village, where nothing really changes, beautifully simple.

And Then There Was One - Chic

Today I ventured out on my own to find my Dad’s family home in Balzan. The trip had a bit of excitement as I was in a packed Maltese bus and got shoved close to the doors so when the bus doors opened to let in yet more passengers I was squished behind them and had to scream to the driver to quickly close them so they would not flatten me like a pancake! Anyway the whole trip took an hour and twenty minutes. First I took the bus to the Valetta bus terminal and then from there caught the bus to Balzan. The bad thing about the buses here is you don’t know their exact route unless you are a resident! I asked three different drivers and each driver gave me a different bus to catch so I just picked the first one I saw #55 and luckily that…

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A blog about my experience as a Head of Year, looking at some of the issues faced by young people and teachers in the UK. Offering straight-talking child-centred advice.
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