A new start


I was asked by Teacher Horizons to write about how international teaching has affected my family and career following on from our move in 2012.

Originally posted on We've moved!:

I am a first time mum (Fabien is three now) and some of the decisions that other parents have to make, such as where to send your child to school, have been made for me.

Being able to send your child to the Early Years provision at your international school is just one of the perks of the job – seeing them grow and make new friendships. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to drop my son off at his nursery and know that I am steps away if needed.

 Julia Knight-Williams is an international teacher living and working in Bangkok.  

It’s these little anxieties that being an international teacher has removed. Talking to friends at home, I have not had the worry of where to send my son nor have I worried about expensive child care. I found a local Thai lady to collect him from…

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A blog about my experience as a Head of Year, looking at some of the issues faced by young people and teachers in the UK. Offering straight-talking child-centred advice.
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