“you have been a tremendous influence… and we can’t thank you enough… Enjoy your new school year and keep on educating those kids to fly!” Parent IC, August 2013

“I have to tell you the news! I have a job in caring, for people with diasabilies. Mental illness” via Twitter, August 2013

“Julia is a passionate and inspiring teacher and leader with a particular talent for supporting the needs of young people who are vulnerable and those with additional needs” JP, SENCO

“Whilst working with Julia she proved to be an excellent teacher and subsequently Head of Year. She always showed boundless enthusiasm but as importantly initiative. Always able to work independantly whilst being an excellent team player” DH, Headteacher

“Ay yo Miss I don’t think I ever personally got to say thank you to you for getting me an A in English. Hope you’re doing well in Asia. Your one of the teachers that are making me think seriously about becoming one” B, March 2013 via Twitter

“One thing that made me smile was when @KnightWilliams tweeted me! Amazing how she’s still there for us being millions of miles away<3″ K, March 2013

“Miss we’re in I.T. thinking of the times we had you as our scary green eyed head of year. Everyone feared you in year 7 but I guess we grew up to work together as a strong co-operative unit. Anyways, I hope you’re doing well and we’ll be awaiting the day you come back to see us.” via email, M February 2013

“It means so much that an inspiration is still supporting us… thank you for everything” A, February 2013

“Julia was without a doubt the best head if year I’ve worked with. I remember during the first year group assembly I attended the kids not only sat in silence but visibly became 3 inches higher in their seats when Julia entered. That one assembly was very telling. It demonstrated the high esteem the students held Julia in, it showed she had very high expectations of the students and that they were keen to meet the high standards she had set. Julia was very supportive of staff but always fair and not afraid to let colleagues know when they needed to do things differently. She was greatly missed by the year group she moulded from  year 7 and they were to become our schools best performing year group ever.” JF, Sept 2013


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